White Ash Tree

White Ash Tree Bark

White ash trees are also known as European elm or evergreen elms. They belong to the family of sycamore trees and are native to Europe. White ash trees grow to a height of about 90 feet and have narrow branches.

When you observe the white ash tree bark, it has large leaves with serrated ends and small leaflets. Black ash leaves have very large leaflets with serrated ends and are smaller in size than the white ash leaves. The black leaves of this tree have white or yellowish patches on them and some species of the white ash tree bark have only tiny patches of leaf discoloration. The bark of these trees is usually dark brown in color.

White ash tree bark consists of three major parts-the leaf, the bark and the stem. The white bark is composed primarily of decayed and disintegrated leaves. It has a white color and is quite rough when compared with the other types of tree bark. It consists of fibrous material that can be identified by its characteristic smell.

The white tree bark of this tree is rich in nutrients, vitamins and mineral. It is important to regularly brush the white ash tree bark for better health. If you notice, white ash bark is very rich in Vitamin C. Other types of trees such as elms and cedars are deficient in Vitamin C. This can cause various diseases and weakening of the immune system. This deficiency can cause several problems including allergies, cancer, weak bones, high blood pressure, and osteoporosis. Regular brushing of the white ash tree bark can help prevent these problems from occurring.

A diet that is rich in Vitamin C can reduce the risk of heart disease. The white ash tree bark contains anti-oxidants that protect against free radicals which may lead to cardiovascular disease. There is a theory that this type of tree bark helps in the reduction of body weight due to its ability to neutralize harmful free radicals in the blood. These antioxidants are known as flavonoids or catechins and are also found in citrus fruits and vegetables.

White ash tree bark is also used in Chinese medicine, herbal and cosmetic products. As there are several forms of treatment that use white ash tree bark, this tree bark has a long history of being used in the treatment of different skin and eye conditions.

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