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Trees For Troops Buy One and Save One

Trees For Troops, Michigan’s charitable arm, has been providing holiday gifts to military families for many years. In 2020, the Michigan tree growers gave away more than one thousand trees per year to help fund the Trees For Troops program. Trees for Troop volunteers make this dream a reality today!

The Trees For Troop volunteer army, or Troop, Army, Marines, Sailors, Airmen and Coast Guards are happy to announce the official launch of a new, buy-one-and-save-one program for the US troops stationed abroad. The Troop Buy a Tree and Save a Troop program offers holiday tree owners not only the opportunity to purchase a one-of-a-kind tree, but also one in your troop’s favourite colours!

This unique and popular program benefits our Troop members and those overseas serving our nation every day. While they are deployed, our Troops need a tree to keep them busy, healthy and protected from potential dangers. Troop members need trees that are strong enough to withstand daily use and that will be beautiful to them as long as we still have them.

With this purchase program, we are able to offer our Troop members many great trees to choose from at a discount and with a long life. Buying trees for troops through our buy one and save one program ensures that their tree will be strong and beautiful for years to come.

Trees can be purchased in different sizes for many reasons including Troop purchases. If you know your Troop consists of a specific number of members, you might want to buy a larger tree that they can grow comfortably on during the winter months. These trees can also be bought for a single member’s birthday or for a special occasion that falls between Christmas and Easter.

There are many reasons to purchase a tree for troops. One of the biggest reasons is to help support our troops. If your Troop is active and on active duty, you can help your family members to stay strong by buying a tree. When they are no longer in the line of fire, a strong tree can symbolize the strength that they have to live on and fight each day.

Trees also play a very important role when it comes to decorating homes on deployment. Troop trees help to make homes safer and more secure. They are often planted around key entry points to keep potential intruders out and help prevent accidental falls. Another benefit is the fact that a tree can act as a great source of security during holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas because they can provide warmth during the cold months and prevent small children from stepping onto dangerous or hard-to-reach areas.

Trees also give our Troop members a chance to take a break and visit the home they are currently serving in while still being able to enjoy the wonderful holiday season. It is comforting knowing that their tree is always just down the road. Trees for Troop is always ready to help and that they can help each other!

Some of the best trees for Troop are the ones that provide a long life. Trees that are used for decorations often have a long life expectancy that makes them a popular purchase for everyone. Trees that are grown in USDA nurseries usually have a long life expectancy, Ho Scale Trees while artificial trees are typically not as durable.

Trees for Troop also has a buy one and save one program that allows their Troops to have their trees shipped right to their home. This is convenient for our Troops and is a great option for them to have their own trees in their backyards without having to worry about them being damaged. or being shipped out of state. Our Troops will also enjoy the ability to see their trees grow and begin to look exactly like those grown by our military when it is time to place them in the display area in our headquarters or at our Camp.

Trees for Troop also has a buy one and save one program where they allow our Troops to add extra branches to their trees for free. It is a good way for Troop members to get extra branches to grow in their backyards and enjoy all the benefits that are offered to them. Ho Scale Trees Adding branches on these trees to improve the looks of their tree can increase the number of hours they spend working on the tree.

Trees for Troop has an opportunity to help our Troops protect our troops while we are deployed overseas by offering a buy one and save one program that allows them to buy a larger tree when a small tree is needed. This is a great program that allows our Troops to have their tree shipped directly to their home.

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