Rock Garden Chandigarh

The Rock Garden Chandigarh Sculptures

The Rock Garden of Chandigarh is a rock garden located in Chandigarh, Punjab, in northern India. It is also referred to as Nek Chand’s Stone Garden or Nitnitot’s Rock Garden due to its creator, Nitnitot Saini. It was created secretly in Saini’s spare time during 1957, while he was serving as a government employee in the Punjab government. Today it is spread out over an area of approximately 40 acres. It features various types of sculptures from all around the world.

Chandigarbh has been a major destination for tourists visiting India ever since the early years of British rule. In fact, it was one of the most popular destinations in India for tourism at that time. In the beginning, many foreign tourists were attracted by this city’s lush greenery and serene environment. However, as the popularity of the city increased, many visitors found themselves drawn to the Rock Garden. This is why more tourists are now visiting this place.

This beautiful natural landscape is dotted with different sculptures and rock art. There are many sculptures from India, United States and even from other parts of the world.

Rock garden Chandigarh features a huge sculpture named Jivanpalli. This statue is made up of several stones. One of the stones is made of marble. Other stones include granite, sandstone, limestone, coral, glass and even terracotta. All of these rocks come from all over the world. These rocks were collected from different places and brought to Chandigarbh in different sizes.

The other sculptures found in the Rock Garden are Jivanpalli, Srinagar, Shatavari, Chhota Sahu and Mandur. These three sculptures are considered to be the most important ones. All these sculptures are in the form of idols, which are meant to help people bring good luck.

Another type of sculpture that is found in the Rock Garden is the Bhagvanath. . This stone is one of the oldest and most popular stones found in this city. It was created in the year 690 by a king called Bhagvanath. Bhagvanath’s stone is thought to bring prosperity and happiness.

Krishna’s stone is one of the most sought after stones. This is because it depicts Krishna as he was a boy who got himself killed by his brother in a fierce battle.

Apart from these two statues, there are many other sculptures which can also be found in Chandigarbh. These include the Shikara, Kaishor Bagh, Panchamrut and Kedarwari.

The Shika is a small temple located at the top of the Rock Garden. This temple is known to depict the female characteristics of the goddess. These characteristics are believed to be the source of all positive energies.

The Kedarwari statue is another important piece of the sculptures found in the Rock Garden. It is known to depict the legendary hero of the Kashmir valley. It was also used to create the great fortress of Srinagar.

The Chhota Sahu is a huge statue which was used to create the palace of Krishna in a cave at the foothills of Mount Kailash. This palace was destroyed by the demons to trap Krishna. The same demon also destroyed the fort of the king of Lanka.

The Chandigarbh Fort is a huge monument found at the hilltop. This fort was built by the kings and has a statue of Lord Vishnu and the goddesses of Lord Vishnu. The Mandur stone is also an important feature of this fort. This statue is a perfect example of an ancient temple.

Some other important statues that are found in the Rock Garden Chandigarh are the Mandur stone that represents the Sun God, Siva. and the Mahal. These are the important Gods.

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