Hanging Garden Mumbai

The Hanging Garden Mumbai

The Hanging Garden Mumbai also referred to as Pherozeshah Mehta Gardens, are miniature terraced garden-sites perched atop Malabar hill, situated just opposite the iconic Kamala Nehru park. They showcase a variety of flowers, herbs, shrubs and trees that provide shade to an almost tropical setting.

The haloed Pherozeshah Mehta Gardens is the pride of Mumbai and are amongst the most sought after garden parks in the country. They are designed in such a way that they are able to provide shelter to a variety of birds and animals, both exotic and native. They house exotic species like the Red Ear Finch, Black-Backed Duck, Black Necked Terrier and several others.

Different types of birds visit the Hanging Garden throughout the year, from the colourful chickadees to the bird watchers of the world. One can walk around the park for hours, mesmerized by the sights, smells and sounds.

Hanging Gardens in the city are generally arranged from west to east, starting from the edge of the sea on the south. The Pherozeshah Mehta Gardens is also spread across parts of South Mumbai. They are located between the Srividya Nagar Road on the south and the Prabhadevi Nagar Road on the north.

The hanging garden Mumbai is located on the eastern edge of the city, just opposite of the famous South Mumbai railway station. It is a small park that offers a nice view of the sea. The garden has a unique look that attracts the attention of tourists of all walks of life, with its beautiful foliage and ornate designs. The haloed garden Mumbai has many bird species, which include flamingo, black Capricorn, Indian peacock, Indian Macaw and various others. The Pherozeshah Mehta Garden is home to the beautiful Black Necked Terrier, which is a rare breed of hunting dog from the United Kingdom.

Among the birds that regularly visit the Pherozeshah Mehta Gardens is the Black-Backed Duck, Black Necked Terrier, Black Nosed Dove, the Red Ear Finch, Red-winged Blackbird, Black-Throated Finch, Black Shortbill, Black-Backed Oriole, Spotted Shearwater, Black-throated Finch and the Indian Finch. The birds come out in large numbers to feed and drink on the water fountain situated near the middle of the Hanging Garden.

This park was built by Lord Ram on the first day of his kingdom in South India, near the western shores of Mumbai. The beautiful waterfall near the fountain is situated in a circular shape on the hillside, where the park is situated, which is surrounded by coconut groves and small water bodies.

It offers a variety of different types of water fountains, which are made up of brickwork and are constructed in different sizes. A huge variety of exotic plants such as the Rosemary, Amla, Manjishtha, Panchamrut, Lotus, Jatamansi, Grewia, Anemone, Sunthi and Tulipa grow in the garden, which makes it a perfect place for relaxing. The flora and fauna of the Hanging Garden Mumbai add to its natural beauty.

The other waterfall in the garden is situated in Kerala Vermilion, which is a holy place in Kerala. The waterfall in this garden is also a replica of God’s own Swimming Pool in Kumarakom. The waterfall is surrounded by trees and is very serene.

On reaching the end of the waterfall, there is a small path leading up to a platform, where a group of temple priests and devotees are chanting Namaste, in the language of Kerala Vermilion. From here, you can look towards the river Kaveri and enjoy the beautiful surroundings and scenery.

These Gardens have been constructed at a perfect altitude to give an excellent view of the surrounding. The beauty of these gardens is apparent and they draw many visitors, who come to admire their beauties. The Hanging Gardens Mumbai is making to give you a peaceful experience while you are lying back, drinking your coffee or enjoying the view of the lovely view.

These gardens are also famous for providing great entertainment. With the variety of birds and animals, you can entertain yourself for hours, even while you sit and relax. At night the hanging garden Mumbai takes on a completely different look and offers you a unique experience.

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