Some guidelines for straight bath panels in your bathrooms

This article is intended as a reference only and cannot regard as a final or binding text. The instructions of manufacturers, when available, should follow, the trained and professional installer is always better to consult. Bath panels are available in original designs and materials in the market, where the straight bath panel is in the highest usage. Here are some of the most prominent features which have taken into consideration while buying from the UK market. 

Acrylic panels – waterproof

I mould these sheets produced for their baths by the companies. The dimensions are limited and allow little or no height change, so it must provide them in parallel to the bathroom. The fitter will make sure that the height limit is not comparatively small to plumbing requirements. Also, consideration should give to the thickness of the floor cover. 

Although some acrylic panels with straight bath panel are provided with clips that fit the floor or under the bath rim, they should build a structural system to hold the board and support the validation. For this reason, combinations between the front and end panels are simple since most acrylic panels have moulded ends. To maintain the group, use ‘Velcro’ to facilitate access to the board. 

  • If possible, cut it with a fine-tooth saw. 
  • Clean with water and soap aftercare. 
  • With a rubbing compound, it can polish minor scratches.

Veneered panels to allow height change

The standard panel thickness varies from 15 to 20 mm. This ensures that the supporting legs and cradles will surround the panel in some bath structures. They should perform an early check, remembering it double the thickness). It is advisable to take up a finish flush even though it is not appropriate to get the panel above the rim of the toilet. The water pools on the surface and penetrates the group in time. 

Whereas these panels are excellent, at least a substructure with wall and floor bolts used. The installation kit at the Royal bathrooms offers complete bolt structure for the support of the panel in the bathroom. There can be no calculation of the benefit of a loose plinth. Recommended with the right installation order: 

  1. The bath 
  2. The plumbing.
  3. The floor cover  
  4. The panel 

The panel remains accurate until the last moment. The resistance lost with a fixed group is restored with the loose foundation. 

A loose pad adjusts the height of the panel. Meter, the height of panel and plinth, to allow for a sufficient overlap (at least 40 mm) of the plinth to be fitted and secured behind the main board. This gives them full height. Then check the height of the bath at both ends from the floor to the belt; if the tub is different, and the level differs, the store is out. It is better not if the filth might require it.

Cutting the panel

They should avoid cutting where possible. It jeopardises finish’s resistance to water and can lead to lifting water behind the finish and allows for the water to enter a panel sub-structure. Please be careful when fitting into a recess a sectioned or detailed panel to centralise the panel by equally cutting both sides. 

  • Label and mark the line to be cut to prevent splitting if the cuts are necessary. 
  • Seal all cuts with an impermeable varnish; they invalidate failed validation. 
  • If they fit the panel, they will splash the silicone along these cuts.

Aftercare of panels 

  • Always remove splashes of water after use. Just use a soft twig. 
  • Use them should test any cleaners used on wood and wood veneers. 
  • Do not use bleach, clean household bath or disinfectant cleaners.

The straight bath panel can notch if the bath or the frame prevents the panel from laying down under the rim. A debate should never be more than half the thickness of the structure of the panel or penetrate any thinner panel detail than the frame. The discussion will stitch together with varnish and silicone sealant on the top edge.

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