Shaving At The Sink vs In The Shower

Shaving in the sink in the shower will be a large debate and everybody has a taste for their private routine. Most guys may have searched to shave on the sink using a capsule or razor in hand, a completely lathered face and twenty-minutes put aside due to their own shave. … however, there are a number of advantages of shaving in the shower and we have assembled some pros and cons for the two.

The sink shave

Shaving in the spout has changed into a refreshing shave ritual for several guys. Some may use the shower for a prelude or simply get straight in their routine facing the mirror. The sink shave may require anywhere from 15-30 minutes normally, although some take more determined by their regular and usage of the merchandise. We discovered that Shaver’s clients either watched shaving in the sink as an essential evil or even a relaxing ritual, so there was not much upsetting.

For the ones that are dry shaving, then the faucet shave is a simple choice to stay in the front of the mirror and then wash off the mind of their electrical shaver later (in case you do not have a cleanup system).

Achieves the Nearest shave Having a Capsule or Directly razor

Simple to Wash tools between Applications

No Requirement to Correct Regular


{The cons}

  • Can be time-consuming especially when shaving daily
  • The cleaning routine can become a hassle
  • More prone to razor burn and skin irritation

The shower shave


For those lucky enough to have a non-steam mirror inside their own shower, it lets them the choice to shave in precisely the exact same moment. A good deal of guys decides to shower pre-shave since the warm, warm water hydrates skin also helps boost hair also leaves for a more comfortable shave.

Shaving in the shower is also very great for guys who have problems with razor burn and irritation. It keeps the skin hydrated and moist and helps prevent nicks and cuts because the blade slips from the hair follicles. On the other hand, the logistics may be difficult based on your favourite tool. Electric shavers which could be used under moist conditions are perfect for your shower, as utilizing cartridge razors or directly razors may be difficult as a result of other tools needed for example bark, pre-shave soap, brush, and etc..

The pros

  • Saves time on the grooming routine
  • The lather is easily washed away
  • Skin is made supple from the steam, so the blade glides easier
  • Helps to prevent razor burn and skin irritation

The cons

  • Too much water can cause the razor to jump or skim
  • Sometimes not enough lather can be created because water washes it away
  • Not everyone has a non-steam mirror in the shower
  • Logistics (bowl, razor, pre-shave soap, etc)
  • Can’t always achieve a close enough shave

Selecting between the shower or sink to your shaving regimen will mostly be down to taste and the access to a nice mirror. We do, however, urge hot shower before shaving in the sink since it will help soften skin and hair. Employing pre-shave merchandise to raise the hair in the skin will also dramatically enhance your shave. We would advocate King of Shaves innovative oil or Blue Beard’s Revenge shaving lotion specially formulated to help stop razor burn, in addition to our whole selection of pre-shave goods.

If you are unsure about the instrument you are using for the occupation, why not take a read of this informative article cartridge razors vs electrical shavers, also it may be time for you to try out something fresh.

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