Shalimar Garden

Shalimar Garden – The Place of Perfume and Pleasure

Shalimar Garden is a small Mughal garden at Srinagar, J&K, India, connected by a natural bridge to the east of Dal Lake. It is also known as Farah Baksh or Shalimar Gardens. The other popular beachside garden in the area is Nishat bagh, ‘The garden of delight’.

Shalimar garden is located on the west side of the lake in an alcove. The garden consists of two large rooms, one having a swimming pool, the other one has a small sunroom. The sunroom offers a wonderful view of the valley.

Shalimar garden was built during the Mughal period, roughly between 1656 and 1670. At that time it was used for the purpose of water sports. The gardens of the area were known for their gardens were also called stub Minar.

When the British occupied the area they named the garden as ‘Shalimar’ which means the valley of Kashmir. The gardens are now open to visitors. A huge number of tourist visit this beautiful area of the Kashmir. This is mainly because it is home to many cultural monuments, waterfalls, lakes, etc.

The main purpose of the Shalimar garden is to provide beauty and tranquillity. It is also used as a place to relax and enjoy the peace and tranquillity. It was also used during the past for the purpose of water sports.

There are three main gardens in Shalimar. One of them is the large flower garden with many varieties of flowers, fruits and herbs. The other one is the beautiful and wide open-air swimming pool.

“Shalimar Garden”

Shalimar Garden
Shalimar Garden

The third garden is also a long balcony. It is the place where one can enjoy the breeze of the breeze from the sun while enjoying the cool breeze coming from the swimming pool. There is also a large terrace with a small table for dining and conversation.

You will find some interesting places in the garden of Shalimar. The main place of attraction is the large swimming pool of a small garden and a small one, the main gate, the Shalimar gatehouse, the house, and many trees. Some of the waterfalls are on the right-hand side of the house and on the left of the house.

If you want to explore the garden of Shalimar then you can go through the main gate. On the left-hand side there is a large flower garden. It is surrounded by a large wall that has been decorated with colourful flowers. On the other side of the wall you will find the fountain of water and in the middle is a bridge.

In the middle is a large area with a small pool surrounded by large plants. This area is the place where you can get a glimpse of the beauty of the mountain. The Shalimar gatehouse is the place where you will get to experience some historical facts about the history of the valley.

It is spacious and a large room. It has many chairs and tables to sit around. The Shalimar house has several rooms such as a study room, the master’s room, a living room, a guestroom and a guest bathroom.

The Shalimar house has a guest bathroom which has a washbasin and a large bathtub. It also has a separate shower enclosure. The bathroom is also a large one and is decorated with oriental decor. It is located in the upper part of the house.

The Shalimar house is located near the beautiful lakes and the beautiful Sharm el-Sheikh airport. It is a favourite spot of many tourists.

The garden of Shalimar is also well known for its fruit and vegetables. It is one of the leading places in the world for fruit and vegetable cultivation. There are more than sixty varieties of fruits grown here.

There are more than a large number of vegetables grown in this garden. Among the most popular vegetables grown in this garden are the tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, potatoes, cabbage, broccoli, eggplant, radishes, kale and many others. These vegetables are very tasty and also healthy. They add a lot of nutrition to the meals.

The garden of Shalimar is considered to be the most relaxing and peaceful garden of all. This garden has been a place of pilgrimage for many people who love nature.

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