Plantation Of Trees

Plantation Of Trees – Why Is It Important?

Plantation of trees is the procedure of transplanting individual tree seedlings, usually for landscaping, forestry, or land reclamation purpose. It is distinct from the transplant of bigger trees in arboricultural and in general from the more costly but less reliable distribution of individual tree seedling.

There are three kinds of trees: broadleaf trees, deciduous or evergreen trees, and conifers. Plantation of trees can be classified into two types: those that grow on soil and those that grow on stumps, rocks, fences, trees, etc. In case you plan to plant on soil, you must have knowledge of soil and its characteristics and make proper decisions depending on the kind of trees you want to plant. Otherwise, your plant will not survive.

A person must choose the kind of tree carefully since different species of trees have different needs, preferences, and features. A person can choose a plantation of trees depending on their budget, or based on their preference and personal requirements. For instance, if one prefers to plant large trees in one place and medium-sized trees in another, he can plant trees accordingly.

When choosing a plantation of trees, the size of the planting area is an important factor to consider. The size of the area has to be at least twenty feet by twenty feet. This is the size required for the trees to grow safely without any danger of the trees getting root-bound, without interfering with neighbouring plants, and without disturbing the soil.

“Plantation Of Trees”

Plantation Of Trees
Plantation Of Trees

The next thing to do is to decide whether the planted tree should be single or multiple. This decision depends on the area where the tree is planted, and also depends on the kind of trees to be planted. If the area is small and requires just one plant, it is recommended that it is a single tree. However, if the area is large, it is recommended that it is an assortment of different trees of different kinds, which can provide different shade-providing services to the surrounding landscape. The varieties should be suited to the climate, the soil conditions.

Plantation of trees should be planned well. The location of the plantation of trees should be chosen carefully and the height of the tree should be decided upon in order to avoid the possibility of the root-bound tree falling off. and causing damage to the surrounding landscape.

Planting of trees should be done properly, to protect the trees from any kind of diseases that may threaten the whole plantation of trees. Diseases include fungi, pests, insects, and diseases caused by soil-borne diseases. These diseases cannot be eliminated even if they can be treated easily. Also, the soil and climate condition of the area should be considered in case the plantation of trees is in a tropical area.

Planting of trees is not very expensive compared to planting larger trees because you have to take care of them after transplanting the plantation of trees. Regular trimming and cleaning should be done and watering should be given regularly to keep the plantation of trees healthy.

Another consideration when planting a plantation of trees is to make sure that the soil is fertile and rich in nutrients. This will ensure that the trees do not wither due to lack of nutrients in the soil. There are several fertilizers that can be used to fertilize the soil that is required for the plantation of trees. There are a lot of soil testing kits available in the market, which are used to determine the nutrient level in the soil, and then to prepare the soil properly for the plantation of trees.

Trees of different species require different amounts of fertilizer. The main source of fertilizers that should be used is the topsoil that is commonly found in the soil, as it contains the necessary amount of nutrients to sustain the tree. the growth. Fertilizer should be applied at regular intervals to ensure that the plantation of trees remains green and healthy.

A tree should not be planted too close to the house or other structures like shrubs or the house roof. This is because the roots of the trees can block the air and make it difficult for the plants to get enough sunlight and water.

When planting a plantation of trees, the maintenance of the trees should be given utmost attention. If the plantation is planted in a rocky area, the roots of the tree may find it difficult to move about easily. So, it is better to plant in such a location which is not steep. This will ensure that the roots do not get bogged down and cause damage to the surrounding landscape.

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