Philips shaver 5000

Philips Shaver 5000 Shaver Vs 7000 Shaver

The reputable Philips brand and the group of grooming and beauty product designers create a number of the planet’s greatest electrical rotary shavers, such as the Philips shaver 5000 along with Series 7000 lineup of men’s shavers.

In some time, these Philips electrical razors look quite similar, which makes it tricky to differentiate the qualities that they must provide, which among the 2 is greater, and suitable for you. However, there are far more differences than meet the eyes keep reading to find out what makes all these top-quality electric shavers special.

Series 5000 and 7000 – Speed vs. Comfort

Permit us to preface this by understanding which both Series 5000 and 7000 rotary shavers perform well, which is awkward or slow — only that everyone works a little differently.

Its MultiPrecision blade program operates in combination with three 5-direction Flex Heads, fast and correctly cutting and lifting both brief and extended facial hairs — stubborn, difficult to attain and flat-lying hairs which other shavers overlook.

The greater skin contact is given by Philips’ Flex Head technologies usually means that a near shave in fewer moves — particularly significant on sensitive areas such as the throat.

The Philips Philips shaver 5000 has been created with additional relaxation in mind. Such as the Series 5000, it sports 5-direction Flex Heads that softly follow your specific facial shapes with nominal strain.

Philips’ patented GentlePrecision blade program, using its circularly ordered slots along with V-shaped blades, changes skin from their way, and places each hair during its best cutting stage — eliminating long and short facial hair without causing annoyance.

Philips shaver 5000

Particular to Series 9000 electrical shavers are SkinGlide bands, comprised of an incredibly sleek anti-friction coating which encircles each rotating mind. SkinGlide includes thousands of tiny, evenly dispersed glass-like spheres which reduce surface immunity, letting the shaver to glide easily on the skin. Reduced friction means diminished inflammation and pressure.

Philips shaver 5000 vs 7000 Battery Life

The Series 5000 and 7000 electrical shavers operate on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

Series 5000 shavers operate for about 40 moments, while people from the Series 7000 scope have a marginally better and more functioning of 50 moments.

Either is decent, capable of supplying at least 13, as well as 17, shaves — and also recharge times are quick, in the region of 1 hour replenish fully-depleted battery life.

Add to this a quick-charge quality that offers enough electricity for a single shave after only 5 minutes of charging and there is very little worry about not having the ability to shave if you will need to.

The Philips shaver 5000 electricity adapter absorbs a maximum of 9W when compared with 5.7W of this Series 7000 adapter. From the grand scheme of things, it is a little gap, but one which some watt-watchers might discover worth contemplating.

Appearance and Ergonomics

The place where the Philips shaver 5000, with its dark, blue and silver colour scheme, is dim and striking appearance, the Series 7000, using a white, lively teal and textured metallic frame that seems fresh and light.

The two shavers are exceptionally ergonomic, tapering close to the butt-end of this deal, flaring out, and tapering in the back near the power switch.

On the trunk part of the deal, stippled, soft-touch substance offers additional traction — crucial while using the shaver moist.

The power button in the Philips shaver 5000 has been put on a panel which subtly protrudes in the shaver entire body, which makes it simpler to press on whereas the Series 7000 power button is slightly shining and slightly thinner. That excess thickness asks a bit more achieve, but decreases the chance of inadvertently occupying the shaver off or on.

Placed side-by-side, the gap in manage shape between both shavers becomes apparent.

Philips shaver 5000

On the other hand, the wider shoulders of this Series 7000 demand a decrease clasp, whereas the Series 5000 may be”wrapped up” on, permitting the use of more stress with increased precision.

Accessories With the 5000 and 7000

The two shavers incorporate a Philips SmartClick Precision Trimmer — a click-on, click-off, round-tipped blossom detailing instrument for keeping beards around 5 millimetres in length.

Also included with every shaver is a travelling attachment — in the event of this Series 5000, a clip-on protective cap that protects the shaver head out of debris, dust and affects. Together with all the Philips shaver 5000 is a pouch that is ideal for keeping the razor when travelling, or if not being used.

Currently, the Philips collection 7000 is offered in various versions — S7921/51, S7370/12, and S7530/50 — that comes with numerous accessories like Exfoliation electrical cleanup Brush, Precision Trimmer, and travel pouch.

The Philips collection 5000 comes in versions S5420/06 AquaTouch, S5130/06, and S5572/10 — that are pretty much exactly the same, besides colours and Turbo+.

What’s the Same with the 5000 and 7000 Shavers

  • Universal, wide input voltage (100-240V) power adapter for worldwide operation
  • Corded and cordless use
  • The display features: 1-level battery indicator; low battery indicator; cleaning indicator; travel lock indicator; shaving head replacement indicator
  • Aquatec Wet and Dry technology, for use with cream, gel, or in the shower
  • 2-year guarantee

Do not stress — both are exceptional dry & wet shavers at a comparable price range — it is a difficult call.

According to their significant differences, we would suggest the Philips Series 5000 in case you prefer to rate, and the skin is not especially sensitive since it is designed more for efficiency and speed, together with”Turbo Plus Mode”

However, in case your neck and face are irritation-prone, try out the Philips shaver 5000 using it is dermatologically tested anti-friction cage heads — equipped with additional comfort-oriented attributes, it supplies an incredibly close shave without redness or pain. Additionally, the brand new show 7000 has”Smart Shaver” technologies which let you join your shaver and smart mobile to get a more personalised shave — even a feature currently unavailable on the show 5000.

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