Live happiest in the world with the trend ‘Hygge’

‘Hygge’ is a term originating from Denmark, describing the feeling of satisfaction and warmth in cold winter days.

When it comes to finding happiness and comfort in life, it is impossible not to mention the people of Denmark. In fact, it even has its own term: Hygge (pronounced “hoo-guh”). Hygge is the art of creating a cozy and happy atmosphere. As the cold winter approaches, gather some interesting tips from Danes to make your home an oasis of warmth and joy!

What is Hygge?

It will be difficult to define exactly what hygge is but the origin of the word is derived from 19th-century German meaning to think or feel comfortable, safe. And this state can exist in any situation or action in life.

Hygge can simply sit by the fireplace covering a wool blanket, sipping a cup of hot tea next to his loved one. Hygge can also be the relaxation of sitting by the calm lake, listening to the whispering leaves and waiting for the fish to bite. Hygge could be that in one bad afternoon, someone could sit and drink tea, eat cake and watch the heavens and the earth without anything troubling inside. All of those are under hygge’s category.

Morley College, in central London, UK has included in its Danish curriculum with lessons to help students have hygge experiences in life. Professor Susanne Nilsson said that Denmark has long and cold winters. During the peak of winter, with 17 hours of sun absence per day and average temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius, people tend to spend a lot of time indoors and focus on family entertainment.

So Hygge can be a family meal or with friends, with warm lighting, or maybe time spent reading a good book by you.

Thus, if people want to have Hygge, people just need to narrow the distance between people and people, live comfortably and enjoy, get rid of all troubles, be more open and friendly with each other. That is all.

Live in harmony with nature

The book “Hygge life method” by the author Signe Johansen writes that the love of nature of the Nordic people is the key to living hygge. Fishing or hunting is a popular pastime here, you have to wait for a whole day to pay off, but the results don’t matter, it’s just being in the middle of nature and being completely calm.

Some studies also show that people who exercise a lot outdoors tend to stick to a more consistent workout schedule. Danes also love nature-oriented interiors, so planting trees next to the fireplace is also very popular in this happy country.

Live slowly

Relaxation is that I temporarily put aside all the hustle and bustle in daily life to spend time paying more attention to my loved ones. Candlelight dinners with a few glasses of champagne can be pleasant. Especially, if you feel lonely, do not hesitate to call your friends and set up a party table to share with each other.

Live with a family meal

Nordic people usually try their best to eat with their family every day, and for them a relationship created through parties, eating is very important. Most offices in Denmark close at 5 pm and do not have overtime. In Sweden, some companies have even switched to working six hours, instead of eight, to increase productivity and make employees happy.

Accordingly, families will have time together to prepare a hearty meal with full nutrition instead of eating fast food like some other industrialized countries. In addition, hot drinks such as coffee or cocoa are also the first choice in the conversation.

On weekends, families often go out to parks, play sports, and travel with their loved ones. Having a great work-life adjust is key to insuring yourself against the hurtful impacts of stress.

Sing during meals

Optimism always exists in the Hygge lifestyle of the Nordic people. Because of that, during the gatherings, people used to drink aquavit (a Nordic vegetable oil, similar to Gin, but better) and start singing the song ‘snapsvis.

Let go of controversial things

If a Hyggeist is already there, then very few people will try to argue a matter. Instead, they will choose lightness to calmly settle the problem. According to Nordic people, there is a lot of time in the day to debate life issues, but hygge is the time to enjoy delicious food, enjoy a cozy atmosphere, don’t drag things that can destroy this atmosphere. out to discuss.

Live in balance

Nordic people live very calmly and believe in themselves. They always have a firm philosophy and are very little shaken by external factors. “Comparing yourself to others won’t make you happier. We tend to compare our lives with social perfectionism. However, these comparisons usually just make it. We increase our unhappiness. Stop measuring other people’s successes and rejoice in what you have, “writes a book on how to live Hygge.

Hygge is all about enjoying and finding joy in every little thing. Don’t forget to follow the above tips to warm your soul on cold days!

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