Less Like Apps, More Like Travel Buddies: The Best Travel Apps To Keep

The world might be in a standstill today, but it’s going to gather its pace back again- one step at a time. In the past couple of months, our priorities took a U-turn, where survival and safety topped our chores list. For the people who were wanderers, travelling became a mere frame of their imagination. But since the world is unlocking slowly and steadily, now is a good time to pre-plan your next travel destination. Yeah, we know that it’s not happening anytime soon- not before three-four months minimum, but a little pre-prep never harms!

While you take your atlas out from the back of your closet and mark your dream destinations, we’re here with some must-have travel apps, ideal to make your travelling easier, convenient and fun, no matter whichever place you escape to. Starting from booking your flights to finding you a hotel that suits your budget, these apps are a saviour in disguise.


Want to make some extra savings from your travel budget? Hopper finds you the cheapest flight options. All the dates and availability of flights on the same are marked by different colours to help you make a budget choice. The cheapest days are marked in green and red being the most expensive ones for flying. The app comes with a price predictor option that gives you a transparent outlet on the rise and fall of the ticket prices. This helps you to make the right decision, whether to make your booking at the moment or wait for a while to make some additional savings.

Hotel Tonight

For travellers who like to roll on the go, Hotel Tonight is the perfect accommodation finder for them. The app sorts all the accommodation options of an area and put them under specific categories for the users to choose. The various categories are basic, luxury, high-roller and so on, available at jaw-dropping rates. The app also has multiple reward levels that help you unlock multiple features, allowing you additional discounts and benefits.


The perfect organizer app to keep your travel itineraries at one place, TripIt makes different section to keep hotel reservation details, flight tickets, rental car services reservations and much more. It supports you to manage you maintain a neat and clean schedule and helps you throughout with a hassle-free trip. It also has a trip sharing option that lets you coordinate with anyone you might be connecting mid-ways or at the time of pick-ups.


An app that is programmed through neuroscience research and deals with sleep cycles, circadian rhythms that further helps in providing personalised recommendations, keeping into consideration an individual’s gender, age and sleep patterns. An ideal app to cure jet lag, it syncs with your trip details and travel plans and helps you maintain a healthy cycle throughout.


Worried about communication while travelling to a country that speaks a different language altogether? With TripLingo, all your communication stress can be kept on the bay. The app translates your language to the local language of the place you’re travelling in. It also has a feature to translate communication written or printed on billboards, notice boards and so on. Another feature is a Wi-Fi dialer that allows you to make calls easily.


Chill Guru

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