Lemon Tree Hotel

Lemon Tree Hotel Offers Excellent Holidays Experience

Lemon Tree Hotel is an online travel portal business based in India. Lemon Tree Hotel is well known as one of the most sought after leisure destinations in the world. Its unique ambiance and natural beauty have made it an ideal destination for tourism and leisure travelers. A hotel business based online has a great advantage of enjoying an extended online presence in the World Wide Web and also enjoy a greater customer base.

The website of Lemon Tree Hotel can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Online presence of this online travel portal has led to increased customer traffic. This has in turn contributed to higher sales and profits.

Lemon Tree Hotel offers its customers with a wide variety of options and amenities for holiday and leisure travelers. The hotel boasts of a modern and sophisticated interior design that appeals to every traveler’s taste. One of the prominent features of this hotel is its indoor pool. The pool features a diving area, a hot tub, sun beds, lounge chairs, a fitness center and a spa. You can easily book your rooms and stay at the hotel by opting for online travel portals.

An added feature of this hotel is the complimentary breakfast served daily at the lobby of the hotel. Some of the other popular leisure and holiday hotel packages available with Lemon Tree Hotel include flight tickets and accommodation, discounted shopping vouchers and dining coupons, as well as travel insurance. A full line of business and leisure services, with a unique blend of class, elegance and relaxation, is provided by the hotel.

One of the most striking features of Lemon Tree Hotel is the location. This hotel is located in an enchanting location in the state of Goa. The hotel is located in a hill station and is surrounded by water on all sides. There are many attractive attractions in this beautiful hill station, including beautiful beaches, beautiful flora and fauna, as well as rich history and culture.

In addition to its exciting and unique location, the hotel also boasts of a luxurious spa and health club which are highly rated. The spa is equipped with world class facilities including a spa treatment, sauna, deep tissue massage and rejuvenating treatments. The facility of the resort includes a private swimming pool, a fitness center and a spa.

Lemon Tree Hotel

The spa treatment is one of the best options for a healthy mind and body and helps to detoxify the body of any kind of toxins that can harm the body and help in weight loss. The spa treatment at the hotel is considered a highly effective method to help in achieving weight loss. This facility is provided by qualified and experienced masseurs.

All major credit card payments are processed through the internet and the hotel staff also makes sure that there is no mistake made while making the payments through these cards. The hotel provides an array of leisure activities to its clients such as yoga classes, mini golf, tennis lessons, wine tasting and other sports activities.

During the spa treatment, the guests can expect to be treated to a full-body massage, a refreshing massage, a relaxing massage and a therapeutic massage. The luxury treatment is provided by experienced masseurs who use the latest equipment. They also use high quality products like the steam towel which helps to soften and relax the skin. The spa treatment starts with a warm and rejuvenating body wrap followed by a gentle exfoliation to remove any dirt, oil or dust from the skin.

Massages are administered with the use of hot steam towels, essential oils and herbal plants. There are also a relaxing and stress reducing massage which is provided to relieve tension.

The spa treatment is followed by a treatment using the ultra-soft mud pack which helps in softening the skin to allow the skin to absorb the moisturizing ingredients. The treatment also includes a special facial treatment and is followed by an invigorating massage to tone the muscles and also relieve any aches and pains which the patient may have.

After the spa treatment, the guests are advised to follow a healthy diet plan and exercise routine and get enough rest to make sure that the spa treatment has not caused any adverse side effects to their health. The health and beauty services provided by the hotel are world-class and there are many doctors and therapists who will be happy to assist the customers with any queries they may have. The hotel provides 24 hour customer service and even offers medical assistance if required.

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