Guide To Lumbini Garden

Guide To Lumbini Garden

The Lumbini Garden, otherwise known as the “Chinese bathing pool,” is located in the ancient city of Kashgar, in Pakistan. This garden, which is made up of three main ponds, is said to be the birthplace of Chinese culture. It is one of Pakistan’s most popular tourist destinations, with millions of tourists visiting its many beautiful beaches and ancient temples.

An ancient Chinese visitor described the Lumbini Garden c630 CE as: “A small Chinese lake, not far from the arrow point, about eighty to ninety li in length, with an opening in the middle that leads to the pool in the southwest. In the southeast corner, it is covered by a huge mound of mud-brick; from the middle of this pool to the north-west, there is a sloping plain. This Lumbini Garden is very large and it has many lakes and ponds. In the southern part of this garden is the Chinese bath.

The Persian traveller was more generous in his descriptions of this garden, which he called “the beautiful paradise.” He wrote that this was the place where “the king of kings once bathed but never forgot.” According to the Chinese visitor, the waters of this Lumbini Garden are rich in minerals. He also wrote that its walls and floors are covered with gold and silver. Another traveller, who saw this garden while in India, described it as: “The most beautiful and serene place, with the waters of which the sun glistens in the moonlight. The sky above is so blue that it looks as if it were the ocean and a waterfall is visible, but no animals are seen here, only birds.”

The Persian traveller was quite impressed by this beautiful garden, even though he never visited Pakistan. He wrote that it was like “a flower garden, with every kind of flower, but no insects” which had lived there. The Lumbini Garden is still as beautiful and idyllic today as it was during those times.

The Lumbinis can be accessed by boat from Karachi, or by road from Lahore. The Lumbinis can be entered by foot, via a small ramp in the courtyard of the famous old palace of Feroz Shah Cavani. They can then be walked to their ponds. Most people prefer to access the gardens via the swimming pool deck.

Some of the most popular lakes of Kashgar Lumbinis include the Chilchi Lake, Jelan Lake, Pangani Lake, Miri Lake, Kachdi Lake and Shahbad Lake. Each of these lakes is filled with the tranquil turquoise waters of nature, with cascading waterfalls. Each lake is a different colour, with different wildlife.

At the beginning of November, the famous Kailash Manar festival, held in Kailash Manar Temple, Kashgar Lumbinis is adorned with garlands of daisies and other exotic flowers. People decorate the temples and balconies with colored rice stalks and colorful carpets. At this time, the city’s largest temple is decorated with beautiful carpets with intricate carvings. These carpets and carvings are made to look like pagodas and statues.

As a final word, it is advisable to take care when going on tours to Pakistan’s largest city, Kashgar. Karachi is a great place for all visitors, but the tourists should take extra care to ensure their trip to Kashgar does not suffer due to lack of proper care. Kashgar is full of tourists and travellers; therefore, it is important that all visitors are aware of their rights and responsibilities when visiting the city. The Islamabad Pakistan tour agency can offer you with the necessary information and guidance you need to enjoy your trip.

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