Far Away Tree

Far Away Tree by Philip Pullman

The Far Away Tree is a popular series of books for children written by British author Enid Boltwood. The books in this series are The Fairy Queen’s Garden, The Faraway Tree, The Fairy Land Tree, The Fairy Tree Story, The Fairy Tree Treasure, The Fairy Tree Story and Up the Fairy Tree. The characters who inhabit these books are the princesses, the prince, the fairy godmother, the nanny, and the wizard’s apprentice, the fairy king and queen, the witch and wizard’s apprentice, and a number of other characters who are also involved in the stories of the fairy tales.

The first book in this series is The Fairy Queen’s Garden. This is set in the year eighteen thousand nine hundred and sixty-two and it tells about a girl who, like many of her friends, is not at all happy with the life she lives. Her father left her to go on a trip with her friends, but when she went on her first trip, Far Away Tree she met a wizard who told her to come back and spend the night in his castle. She did so but was disappointed to find that there were only three other women sleeping there, as there were not enough beds.

After having been there for a while, she was invited to stay another night with her friends and her friend’s father arranged for her to spend the night with him as well. But soon after leaving, the wizard’s apprentice had disappeared, and her father was not sure if they would come back.

In The Fairy Tree, Elizabeth Thompson introduces a new group of characters. In this story, a wizard’s apprentice, an evil witch, a prince, and a princess who have recently lost her magic wand visit the garden of a girl who is about to marry. However, they find themselves lost and confused, as they do not know which way to go. The magic wand turns out to belong to the wicked witch, who tries to turn the princes and the princesses into frogs.

One of the witches tells the prince that he must marry the princess, and he must promise to give her a magic wand as a wedding gift. The prince, however, Far Away Tree refuses to marry her as he wants to save his friend and wants to marry a boy from a different town. He also wishes to be a prince and live with his love, so he does not want to marry a princess.

To get the magic wand, the prince decides to enter a contest organized by the magician to win the magic wand. However, the magician makes his contestants fight for the land, even though they are supposed to be good people. They become desperate because they want the land for their own selfish reasons.

One of them wins the contest, but she is not really good and has to work hard to get the wand back, while the other takes on the wizard. Eventually, she finds out that the magic wand is in the hands of the wizard, the prince’s rival. The witch, in order to get back the wand, fights against the wizard’s apprentice and they defeat him. The witch’s mother, the prince’s mother, and her friend, the witch and wizard’s apprentice, the wizard’s apprentice, and the princess’s teacher, the prince’s father, Far Away Tree and the magician’s apprentice are all involved in this and they all fight to get the wand as well. There are three more books in this series, which ends with a series of four.

Books in this series have sold millions of copies worldwide. Although this story was not written in the same manner that Aesop’s fable were, its simplicity and the love for children’s stories have made it a great success.

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