Braun MGK3020

Braun MGK3020 Multi Groomer Review

Braun MGK3020 I had been outside with Sharon (our expert in lady’s shaving) to find any bits and pieces out of several regional stores once I saw a Braun dressing tool.

It was priced in a smidgen below #20. Hello, I picked the box up scanned over it has attributes and took a peek at the version number — that the Braun MGK3020 Multi Grooming Kit — because I had a sense that I would have the ability to pick this up for much less on Amazon, or even someplace else online.

Sure, Amazon carried this product in a similar cost (…more about this to come), and so I went forward and left the bought so I could put this Braun MGK3020 inspection for your website.

How Does the Braun MGK3020 Cut?

To begin with, this isn’t an electrical shaver — it doesn’t shave, but it stinks.

As this instrument is utilized to reduce hairs, we will begin here.

Even the Braun MGK3020 Multi Groomer is mainly designed for hair thinning, hair cutting edge, and cutting edge facial hair in as short as 0.5mmto provide a designer stubble appearance. I trimmed my head down hair with the Braun MGK3020 plus it left me with cut short sleeves I was content with.

I was always clean-shaven, but the older I get the more I am liking a little bit of stubble. It is much faster to conduct a trimmer around your face than undergo the tough process of shaving — also, it requires less upkeep.

For this cheap trimmer, I had been amazed that it did not fight and slow down if cutting thick patches of hair. Yes, I really do have thick patches of hair on my mind, feel it or not.

The trimmer revealed amazing ease at cutting hair, demonstrating the inner motor can manage trimming a complete face and mind, no issue. Glad to watch Braun stuck using their powerful and dependable inner parts when placing this funding together.

What Are the MGK3020 Multi Grooming Kits’ 6 Functions?

Presently accessible, there are just 4 of those Braun MGK (Multi Grooming Kits) versions — MGK3080, MGK3060, MGK3040, and MGK3020.

Braun MGK3020

The one which I am reviewing is your MGK3020, that’s the most elementary version in the scope.

The greater end Braun MGK3080 version is really a”9 in 1″ multi groomer which is included with innovative attachments like a figure groomer/shaver, precision attachment, also Gillette Fusion ProGlide manual sander.

Additionally, it is fully waterproof and contains some greater styling, together with blue trimming, a high-quality internal battery which gives 1-hour trimming (20 minutes longer than the MGK3020) and possibly, better internal parts.

The Braun MGK3080 is your complete Monty” head to toe” shaving and trimming kit which will make a good Christmas or Father’s Day present. There are some fantastic bargains on Amazon for your Braun MGK3080, and following analyzing the lesser version, I believe that the update would be a fantastic investment for the all-in-one dressing needs.

The 6 functions of this Braun groomer are as follows:

  1. Stubble look trimming
  2. Short beard trim
  3. Longbeard trim
  4. Nose and Ear Trim
  5. Hair Clipping
  6. Beard styling

I think the “6 in 1” claim is a bit of an over-sell, as some of the functions overlap with each other

What Accessories Does it Have?

From the box you’ll discover that the Braun trimmer, followed using a precision comb with configurations out of 3 — 11mm to pick the perfect period for cutting-edge, a spoonful for trimming long beards out of 13 — 21mm, x2 mended combs that offer place trimming at 1mm or 2mm, a nose and ear hair trimmer mind, little cleaning brush, and charging cable, and instruction booklet.

Each of the attachments clicks and off easily, yet they are held firmly set up. The comb slips in the grooves absolutely. Although the trimmer is extremely light, you’ll feel that the build quality since the attachments fit snugly and the adapter handle is solidly constructed.

Braun MGK3020 Charging and Battery Power

As soon as I obtained the MGK3020 trimmer outside of the box I put it to charge for about one hour. Roughly halfway during trimming my mind, I can hear the engine beginning to fade, then it ceased.

I believed an hour charging could have achieved it, however, I neglected to see the manual correctly which said billing requires 10 hours.

That is quite a very long time in my view, a similar Philips multi groomer takes approximately 1 hour to control, plus popular Wahl beard trimmers possess a 1-hour charging period. I am very surprised by the 10 hours necessary to control this fundamental cordless trimmer.

By 10 hours of charging, then you would be studying about 40 minutes of trimming electricity. If you are trimming your mind and face hair, then you are looking at roughly 5 — seven sessions until it requires charged again.

Is it Waterproof?

It can not be completely submerged in water and that I would not try using it from the bathtub. It’s”washable” however, which means that you may maintain the cutting teeth and head under running water for a brief time for cleanup.

I am able to understand the need for a watertight electric shaver, however trimmers and groomers like these work better with dry hair and skin.

I found this for a good trimming instrument with a few helpful attachments. If you do not obey the long run that the Braun MGK3020 is still an adequate budget multi-function dressing instrument.

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