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Beginners Guide to Using Electric Hair Clippers at Home

Hair clipping and trimming should not be a job with our specialist guide when utilizing electric hair clippers in your home. Whether cordless or corded, we have assembled the dos, don’ts, how-tos and often asked questions about men’s hair thinning from the house with goods used by professional barbers.

Beginners Guide to Using Electric Hair Clippers at Home

We have assembled a fast and effortless guide about the best way best to cut your own hair in your home with electric hair clippersexactly the exact same way the pros do. Become your personal barber in your home with just a bit of training and the ideal tools to perform the job.

Step one – familiarise yourself with your hair clippers

When it’s the very first time you’ve used your own hair dyes, then invest some time familiarizing yourself with these. Turn them off and on, feel the burden of these on your own hand, locate the most comfortable grip and also control the curls whenever they are cordless, also.

In case your electric hair clippers include a selection of clip-on combs from many different cutting edge lengths – find the one which’s ideal for you and attach it for your own clippers – and picking the speed you are comfortable cutting, in case haircutters include rate choices.

Step two – prepare a space for cutting

Locate a place in your home that is going to be simple to wash – either a bath, a backyard – if you are cutting hair inside, possess a vacuum to either a sweeping brush to assemble the hair afterwards, therefore stray hairs are not walked throughout your house after.

electric hair clippers

Prepare whatever you’re going to be utilizing (hair gels, whether cordless or corded ) a brush or comb, and a towel if you want to pay your shoulders since you or the individual helping clips your hair.

Step Three – Wash And Dry Your Hair

First off, clean your hair as you usually would, using shampoo and conditioner or your favourite throughout body scrub. If the hair is sterile, it is a lot simpler to use and also for cutting edge blades to slip through at several lengths.

Hair that’s unwashed can induce electric hair clippers to eventually become clogged with dirt and hairstyling products made from the hair follicles. Do not leave hair moist to reduce it – towel dry hair and comb out when necessary, to remove any tangles (when hair is more or thicker).

Step four – where to start cutting your hair

            {Start at the sides}

Begin with the sides and then reduce your own hair against the management of the hair of hair development, beginning from the ground and going in an upwards movement. Should you want to, based on the period of the comb, Remington hair clippers then Passover precisely the exact same place to capture any hair which is not cut to the specified length.

Based upon the design you are trying for, some might favour an all above trim, while others might desire to lower the reduced portion of the mind using a briefer cutting comb, as well as the longer, heavier majority of hair near the peak of the face using a lengthier comb. This will combine the two spans together in the event that you want to make a fade.

Move onto the back

Move across the rear part of your mind at exactly the exact same upward path, moving over precisely the exact same place in which required – check with your hands if you are cutting hair – to see whether there are no more regions that remain. In case you’ve got one then use a mirror to confirm the trunk and work slowly and steadily to get a clean, oster hair clippers even cut. Confirm that you have evenly matched the two sides together with the back of the mind, also.

Cutting the top

In case you haven’t gone to get an over cut at the same period, then you might want to cut on the surface of your head. To do so use a spoon to brush up the hair in a direct line into small manageable pieces, then cut across the surface of the comb teeth and your own hair. As you go along, keep a duration of their hair that has been cut over the comb, so you could evenly cut hair to precisely the exact same length. At length, neaten the hairline up where necessary and where it satisfies facial hair (if needed ).

Choosing electric hair clippers

Hair clippers normally vary anywhere between #20-#70 based upon the brand and also the characteristics that include the clippers. You might even pick between mains-powered or cordless versions, and even cordless will look more suitable, broadly, mains-powered will consistently give complete power in contrast to battery-charged versions.

Cordless, nevertheless, are less difficult to manoeuvre if you are cutting your hair rather than your spouse or buddy doing it to you. Additionally, it is important to take into account the area where you’re going to be cutting off your own hair and if you’ve got the capacity to plug in a mains-powered electrical hair in.

Clipper cutting and markers span are synonymous and just signify the millimetre dimension of this comb span utilized over the clipper. Many hair clippers come with over 1 comb attachment, oster hair clippers so to have the ability to reduce the hair into the length that you want. We would always advise buying a clipper oil along with your clipper.

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