An Essential Travel Guide to Gandikota: The Gorgeous Grand Canyon of India!

We’ve put together an incredibly helpful travel guide to Gandikota, one of the most stunning places to visit in Andhra Pradesh. Popularly referred to as the Grand Canyon of India, Gandikota is a spectacular nature-cum-historical place to explore. While there are many Gandikota blogs as well as Gandikota pics that bear witness to the fact, unfortunately, many travelers remain unaware of this gorgeous place. Let us aid you with our travel guide to Gandikota. Enjoy the best Gandikota adventure camping and kayaking among a lot of other things! Keep reading to know the ‘what’, ‘where’ and ‘how’ of Gandikota travel. Let us aid you in forming the best Gandikota itinerary ever!

What’s so special about Gandikota?

You may not think much of a small albeit scenic, barely-heard-of village in some remote part of South India. But our travel guide to Gandikota will tell you otherwise. The Gandikota village may be small but there are some really awesome attractions here that will thrill you to no end. One of the top things that makes Gandikota special is the fact that it’s home to the desi version of the Grand Canyon of Arizona. It’s something you have to see to believe. One visit makes people want to come back to this place over and over again.

Another awesome thing about Gandikota is that it hasn’t yet been drowned in over-tourism. We’d like to really stress this point in our travel guide to Gandikota. While people do visit, it’s not in teeming numbers at one time. So, you can stop worrying about unconcerned tourists inadvertently photobombing your selfies and other pictures. You should visit this place even if you have to board last minute flights and make an emergency trip to do so!

Exciting things to do at Gandikota:

You will be amazed at the number of awesome things to do listed in our travel guide to Gandikota! But since the list can be quite extensive, we’ll just give you the top few. Take a look below.


  • Gandikota Fort: Built sometime in the 13th century, Gandikota Fort is among the topmost attractions to explore here. The red sandstone-fort ruins are still fabulous to look at. Protected by a 5-mile fringe, the Gandikota Fort complex comprises of palaces, a temple, carvings, statues, a mosque, and perennial springs among other things.
  • Belum Caves: India’s answer to the Arizona Antelope Canyons, the Belum Caves in Gandikota are fascinating to explore. The spectacular cave system is the second largest one in the entire Indian subcontinent and thrills cave explorers to no end! While Stalagmite and Stalactite formations are found aplenty in here, geologists have discovered Quartz deposits in them.
  • Pennar River and the gorge: Any travel guide to Gandikota will tell you that this is an absolute must! When you enjoy the views of the gorge and the Penna River from atop, you will see why this place is called the Grand Canyon of India. The breathtaking view will leave you speechless and offers incredible photo ops. It’s best to watch in the evening when setting sun lights up the river and gorge in beautiful hues of gold.
  • Rayalacheruvu Lake: Lying exactly adjacent to the massive Gandikota Fort, this is among the most beautiful places to visit in Gandikota. Besides stunning views of the water, the lake is ideal for birdwatching as well. It’s a peaceful place to visit for families, couples, and friends alike.
  • Gandikota Temples and Mosque: Whether you’re making a solo trip to Gandikota on business class flights or arriving in a group, the Gandikota temples are a must-see. The Madhavaraya Temple and the red-granite Raghunatha Swamy temple ruins will give you an incredible insight into ancient Indian architectural styles. Also, the Jama Masjid at Gandikota Fort is a prime example of Islamic architecture.
  • Adventure activities at Gandikota gorge: Gandikota has a lot of exciting things in store for adventure-driven visitors. Do you like rock climbing? You can do that at Gandikota. Would you rather enjoy kayaking? You can do that as well! Other popular adventurous things to do include trekking, camping, rappelling, picnicking and more.

Where to stay in Gandikota?

A lot of people visit Gandikota from Bangalore and Hyderabad for a weekend trip. Thereby, be assured that Gandikota staying options will be comfortable if not absolutely luxurious. For your Gandikota stay, there are two major options you can consider.

  • APTDC Complex: Sprawled across 10 acres, this massive Gandikota complex is among the best places to stay as suggested by our travel guide to Gandikota. Offering about 12 cottages to stay in, the place has a dining hall, play area for children, a dormitory, and ample parking space. The rooms are air-conditioned and you’ll need to call to make a reservation as there is no online registration option.
  • Penna River Camping: For a truly adventurous Gandikota stay, our travel guide to Gandikota suggests you camp at the Penna River. There are several groups that offer safe and comfortable camping in Gandikota. Find one you like most and camp to enjoy sleeping under the stars on your Gandikota trip!

Best time to visit Gandikota:

It is not a good idea to visit Gandikota in April and other summer months since the weather can get intolerably hot to make explorations on foot. Generally speaking, the best time to visit as per our travel guide to Gandikota happens to be from September all the way to February. The weather is pleasant for sightseeing and you will be able to enjoy clearer views of the gorge this time around.

How to reach Gandikota:

The nearest airport to reach Gandikota is at Tirupati. Alternatively, you can book cheap flights to Bangalore with Indian eagle as well since a lot of people travel to Gandikota from Bangalore. If you wish to arrive via trains, the nearest major railway line is at Tirupati. Our travel guide to Gandikota suggests you can make a road trip as well. You can get to Gandikota from major cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai easily. Hire a car and make your way to gorgeous Gandikota at the earliest!

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