Joshua Tree National Park

A Short Hiking Guide to the Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park is an old, ancient protected area in Southern California. It is characterized by steep, rugged desert landscapes and stark rocky rock formations. Named for its twisted, bristled Joshua Trees, the park encompasses the mesas of the Coachella Desert and the rocky mountains of the Mojave Desert. The park straddles the dusty, cactus-dotted Colorado River Desert.

The name “Joshua Tree” comes from the Native American tribe of the Yuma Indians. They claimed that it was their spiritual home; it was where their ancestors had stayed when they were on their way to the Promised Land. This belief became very popular among the U.S. military during World War II. As the soldiers travelled to Europe and other parts of the world, they often stayed in lodges built in the shadow of a large tree. The name was thus given to the small, spindly trees that dotted the desert landscape of the Southwest.

Located near the southern end of the Mojave Desert in Southern California, the area is a great place to hike. With nearly three thousand miles of hiking trails, visitors can enjoy the beautiful desert landscape, ponder ancient religious meanings, and hike up and down the canyon’s many narrow canyons. There are also some trails with access through a few campgrounds.

The park offers hiking trails that follow along the south rim of the canyon. Most of these trails are in fairly good condition and provide a challenging hike. Some of the hiking paths are used regularly by local hikers and others are more difficult and should only be attempted by experienced hikers.

If you plan on camping at the park, Joshua Tree National Park you need to make sure you find out before you leave whether you can camp on the parklands or if you need to pay a fee. Even though camping is allowed, it is illegal to sleep in the open without first getting a camping permit. and it may be difficult to get one if you are camping close to other campers.

In addition to hiking, the National Park features some great picnic spots. A picnic spot at the South Rim Trailhead provides excellent views of the surrounding scenery and the blue sky above.

Another great way to get into the forest is by taking the guided Jeep tour of the historic “Junction of the Gods.” The park has many historic sites that showcase the Old West and provide a history lesson about the early settlers of the area.

To reach the park from the Los Angeles International Airport, take a bus called the Wild Oats Bus. It is the only bus that allows passengers to go through the canyon. The bus stops near the main parking lot and takes passengers to the historic junctions where explorers once walked.

Although it was built for hiking, there are some spectacular picnic spots at the National Park. Near the South Rim Trailhead, one of the best places to catch a wonderful sunset. Another popular spot is the Wild Oats Picnic Shelter, where you can enjoy a picnic while watching a herd of bighorn sheep.

When you visit the park, be sure to stay near the South Rim Trailhead or head back through the canyon to the main parking lot. The parking lot can fill up fast during the hotter months of the year. So plan early to avoid disappointment.

The Joshua Tree National Park is one of Southern California’s premier destinations. And you will not be disappointed by what you find!

This article was prepared for the United States National Parks. Department. To learn more about the Park, please visit their website.

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