Erectile Dysfunction

100% Natural Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction

Natural remedies are available easily to cure erectile dysfunction permanently.  The best aspect of natural treatment is that one can cure erectile dysfunction. It is also possible that with the natural remedies you can reverse the erection difficulties.

Erectile dysfunction can happen at any time in the adult life. The possibility increases only in 40s and beyond. But cases have come up in early life due to non medical and emotional issues. The medications for erectile dysfunction are available in both branded and generic drugs. But you need medicine like erectile dysfunction drug Viagra 150mg every time you require a hard erection. Natural remedies ensure restoration of natural ability to get a hard penile erection without medicine.

First step in natural remedies is a healthy diet

Whatever is the cause of the erection difficulties, you are facing, and at its root will be your health. It has been observed that with a healthy diet, and an active lifestyle, you can prolong your sexual life, into late stages of life.

Except some unfortunate cases involving some accident, most of the causes of erectile dysfunction are related to health. Both mental and physical health plays an important part in the sexual life of a male. And erectile dysfunction never emerges suddenly. It has its base in the health issues which gather over the time.  So the first step in natural remedies for erectile dysfunction will be change in diet.

Healthy diet for a better sexual life

Healthy diet means diet without junk food, aerated drinks, heavy meal, fatty meal and oily meal. It means green vegetables, leafy vegetables, protein, vitamin B complex and fruits. It also means that you have to reduce intake of alcohol and cut down smoking.

Erectile Dysfunction

spinach , broccoli , fish , meat , seeds , fruits like watermelon , avocado , chicken breast , etc should be part of your diet . It is not necessary that you have to eat non- vegetarian to get the benefits. The plant based food with seasonal fruits will also do the wonder.

Watermelon juice and pomegranate juice stimulate the nitrate oxide in the body. The nitrate oxide relaxes the muscles to facilities blood flow towards sexual organ. The fruit juice functions like erectile dysfunction medicine fildena 100mg, by stimulating release of nitrate oxide.


Any exercise which reduces fat, and keeps weight under check will be fine. Exercises ensure transportation of fresh oxygen and nutrients from food to every cell in the body.  Exercises keep blood vessels flexible and clear of any blockage. The blood circulation also improves with the exercises. A male with weight around waist increases his chance of erectile dysfunction. So does the person with obesity and sedentary life.

Using of herbs

Herbs are extracts from plants, root of plants or trunk of plants. The herbs not only cure physical ailments, but also rejuvenate the body at the same time. The use of herbs relaxes body and the mind. Some herbs also improve testosterone and libido in males. The proven and tested herbs used for centuries for male sexual health are available in the market. Ginseng, shilajit, ashwanganda, and other such herbs have a positive impact on health of males. Some potent herbs perform the same function as medicines like Cialis 5mg. They increase desire and make males horny.

Exercises that promote blood flow towards sexual organ

Kegel exercises, which make pelvic muscles strong, bring blood flow towards the sexual organ. The pelvic muscles contraction pushes blood into the spongy tissue of the sexual organ. The yoga forms that stretch the body also have similar benefit on the sexual life of a male.

Use erectile dysfunction medicines like levitra 40mg or any other brand with right dose. But at the same time keep incorporating natural remedies in your life. You cannot use natural remedies; they have to be part of the lifestyle. Over the time, your need for medicines to boost erection will come down.

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